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Hi! My name's James, Male Escort, Male Companion, Cuckold, & Erotic Massage London, UK.

I offer a professional Male Escort, Erotic Massage & Cuckold Service for Women & Couples throughout the whole of London.

I bring a genuine sense of enjoyment, fun and anticipation to meeting a new client for the very first time!! I have a friendly and respectful demeanour and endeavour to make our time together amazing for you!

So, wether you're a woman or a couple, and want a VIP male escort in London who is respectful & discreet... Then you've come to the right place!

Why Pay For A Male Escort?

Most women who use me as their male escort do so because even though they can quite easily find a guy to agree to have sex, they don’t always get what they need or they can’t afford any impact or disruption to their lives. I offer a service so you don’t have to waste your time, energy or money to get what you want. You can ask me for exactly what you like confident I’ll be happy to to please you.

There will be no selfish sex from me, but you can be selfish all you like ... it’s your time and I’m there to please you, however you like to be pleased! You’ll never be made to feel uncomfortable. I know how to behave and also how not to behave. You won’t hear me give any inappropriate remarks and I won’t ever pester you. Plus, because I’m not in your life in any social group, you are in complete control.

I am polite, respectful & I won’t ever overstep your boundaries. I will try to make sure you’re comfortable around me at all times. I will stick by any request you make with regards to what we do, touching, kissing / no kissing and what you’d like me to focus on as well as anything you’d like me to not do. I will do my best to make sure you enjoy every moment!

VIP Male Escort Service London

"Wether you're looking for a great sexual experience, a cuckold for your wife or a companion for an event...I am here, as your escort, to give you the best time possible!" - James

Straight Male Escort London

Regardless of your age (18+) ethnicity, body shape or size, you can be sure I will enjoy making sure you enjoy yourself.
When it comes to being a male escort safe sex is essential. All my escorting encounters are as safe as can be. I lead a healthy lifestyle & for your peace of mind, I am regularly checked for STD's and do not plan on getting any!
Trusted London Male Escort since 2015!
I have escorted for well respected people throughout London since 2015. My service is always 100% discreet. I will never tell anyone who you are, or that you have seen me. Our time together is our secret!
If you're interested in my male escorting services, but want to meet me before booking a sexual meeting. Just message me to see if I'm available and I'll travel to meet you first for a small fee.

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Male Escort London | Erotic Massage | Cuckold

Male Escorting Services for Women and Couples in London.  Ask me a question using the form below.
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Erotic Massage London
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Male Companion
You can book me as your male companion for a few hours or over night! I have impeccable manners and etiquette. Read more...


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James - Male Escort London | Cuckold & Erotic Massage

James - Independent Male Escort in London - Ask me a question using the form below.

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