If you’ve always wanted to try something a little more exciting like BDSM, and you like the idea of being dominated, why not try a 50 shades experience in the comfort of your own home or at a hotel. I can introduce you gently to a world of delightful spanking & whipping. Or, have you ever wanted to be tied up, blindfolded & teased?

Bondage is great way to give in to pleasure by trusting your partner. Its all about respecting boundaries and being free to push yourself with confidence. I can use safety words and I always use good communication to help you get the most out of our time! I also bring all the toys with me. A de-luxe whip, A wand, grey rope, a blindfold, adjustable nipple clamps and a leather paddle to start with!

Enjoying a 50 Shades Experience is all about taking your body to where your body wants to go! Some bodies really like pain, and intense sensations, but it’s all about finding out how YOU like YOU’RE pain and intensity!

“So I watched 50 Shades and thought mmm that looks fun I wonder if would I like to be tied up and spanked? As I was a virgin to S&M and this is type of game play is potentially dangerous in the wrong hands I decided to seek professional help.

My first experience was a fantastic gateway into being dominated a la 50 Shades and helped me realise my intensely kinky submission fantasies. His technique as a dominant is firstly seductive, spine tingly titillating, thrilling and erotic.

I was amazed by James’ stamina and his willingness to fulfil my every desire. You won’t be disappointed.”

Anonymous, Essex