If you’re thinking of booking me, here are some of my FAQs. If theres a question you want answered that’s not answered here, please ask me directly using the form.


Q. Do you see men?

A. No. Only as part of a couple, when a female is involved.

Q. Are you really thick, as in girth?

A. No, I’m not, just regular width & 7” long in active mode.

Q. How do I know you’re not a “serial killer”?

A. I’ve been asked this more then once lol. If you are genuinely interested in booking me, I am happy to provide you with a picture of my ID as well as proof of my home address. You could also tell a friend you’re meeting me and message them at any point, as well as share my details with them.

Q. I’m worried about my body shape / size?

A. It’s more a Frequently Thought Thought at this stage. Having lots of fun has very little to do with body shape or size. Yes I will definitely enjoy being with you 100%. There’s no need to feel conscious, worry or think about having to cover up all the way through.

Q. Can I touch you during an erotic massage?

A. Yes.

Q. Are we both naked during an erotic massage?

A. Yes usually, but occasionally I’ve been asked to remain clothed.

Q. I am from another ethnic background, is that ok? 

A. Yes – If you are from another country / background it’s no problem wherever you’re from.

Q. Can I visit you?

A. No, I can only visit you or meet you at a hotel

Q. Can you stay the night?

A. Yes I can stay the night

Q. Can you travel to meet me in another country?

A. Yes I can. I charge £100 per day. You would need to pay for my travel & accommodation. Minimum booking £300.