Your partner / friend for social appearances.

If you have a public engagement, holiday, cruise or black tie event and need a date or a companion. You need to be sure that your companion will reflect you in a positive way and be by your side.

I can be your devoted companion to either help you through a social situation and keep you company or just to be there by your side.

I’m a very social person and will always endeavour that you get the most out of your time, and our time together. I’m a helpful and easy going person & you can be sure I have exceptional manners, etiquette and have a lifetime of experience attending high brow events.

Why not enquire about my plus one service, simply complete the form and we can even meet up for a drink before the even to make sure we get along!

Contact me to find out when I’m available.

Along with London I am also a Plus One Escort in Essex