Activities with clients

All BDSM type activities need to be asked for by text, WhatsApp or email before meeting to ensure clarity and transparency of intent and consent. ( If you asked to be spanked you will probably have marks )

By default I always use a condom, however if you want to have sex without a condom, no liability will be accepted for pregnancy.

Health, Safety & Security

I take appropriate measures when it comes to sexual health. I take a free regular blood and urine test by post for STD’s by to I ensure I am free from disease. If you make a booking with me you are welcome to request I take a test for the results to arrive just before our meeting date.

Both myself and you my client have the right to cease all physical activities at any point without needing a reason, just by asking to stop.

You are welcome to record our entire meetings for security reason without letting me know. I am a professional which makes my behaviour impeccable at all times.

Final note

The Escorting industry is LEGAL in the UK although sadly Escorts cannot get business bank accounts or insurance. Which means we can’t pay income tax or declare anything we earn which leaves us vulnerable. I have tried to do my best to meet other industry type standards in escorting with my terms and conditions which are legally binding.

I always aim to create trust, so, if you can suggest good amendments to my T&Cs please feel free to let me know.

I’ve made a petition – will you sign it?

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My petition:

Grant Business Bank Accounts & Insurance for Adult Workers

The UK Escorting industry is stable, however we can’t get insurance or banking. This will help us protect us.

I have worked as a Male Escort since 2015. I can’t get banking or insurance. I can’t pay tax and I can’t declare anything I earn for universal credit